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Arremon is a genus of neotropical birds in the family Emberizidae. With the exception of the green-striped brush finch, which is indigenous to Mexico, all species are found in South America, with some reaching Central America.


  • Smoked-faced finch (Arremon crassirostris)
  • Olive chaffinch (Arremon castaneiceps)
  • Chestnut-Surprised Brush Finch(Arremon brunneinucha)
  • Green-striped finch brush (Arremon virenticeps)
  • Brush finch with black head (Arremon atricapillus)
  • Costa Rican finch brushes (Arremon costaricensis)
  • Sierra Nevada brush finch (Arremon basilicus)
  • Perija Peeling Chaffinch (Arremon perijanus)
  • Caracas finch brushes (Arremon phaeopleurus)
  • Paria peeling chaffinch (Arremon phygas)
  • Finch brush with gray eyebrows (Arremon assimilis)
  • Finch brush with white eyebrows (Arremon torquatus)
  • Sparrow with an orange beak (Arremon aurantiirostris)
  • Chest sparrow (Arremon taciturnus)
  • Sparrow San Francisco (Arremon franciscanus)
  • Sparrow half collar (Arremon semitorquatus)
  • Sparrow with golden wings (Arremon schlegeli)
  • Black Surprised Sparrow (Arremon abeillei)
  • Sparrow with a saffron beak (Arremon flavirostris)
  • Guerrero brush finch (Arremon kuehnerii)

This genus includes varieties traditionally placed in Buarremon and Lysurus.

★ Aremon

January 2020, 19 types are included in the genus:

  • Arremon abeillei R (Arremon abeillei). Lesson, 1844 - black and aramon.
  • Arremon perijanus Phelps (Perijanus Arremon Phelps) & Gilliard (Gilliard), 1940.
  • Arremon crassirostris Cassin (Crassirostris Arremon Kassen), 1865.
  • Arremon torquatus dOrbigny (Arremon Torquatus dOrbigny) & Lafresnaye, 1837 - atlapetes petrography.
  • Arremon semitorquatus Swainson, 1838.
  • Arremon schlegeli Bonaparte (Arremon schlegeli Bonaparte), 1850 - golden-winged aramone.
  • Arremon taciturnus Hermann (Taciturnus Arremon Hermann), 1783 - Spanish aramon.
  • Arremon basilicus Bangs, 1898.
  • Arremon costaricensis Bangs (Arremon costaricensis bangs), 1907.
  • Arremon phygas von Berlepsch (Phygas Arremon von Berlepsch), 1912.
  • Arremon assimilis Boissonneau (Assimilis Arremon Boissonneau), 1840.
  • Arremon flavirostris Swainson (Arremon Swainson flavirostris), 1838 - Liminally Aramone.
  • Arremon brunneinucha Lafresnaye (Brunneinucha Arremon Lafresnaye), 1839 Red - atlapedia.
  • Arremon phaeopleurus P.L (Arremon phaeopleurus P). Sclater, 1856.
  • Arremon castaneiceps P. L (Arremon castaneiceps P). Sclater, 1860 - olive lysurus.
  • Arremon virenticeps Bonaparte (Arremon virenticeps Bonaparte), 1855.
  • Arremon franciscanus Raposo (Arremon Raposo franciscanus), 1997.
  • Arremon atricapillus Lawrence (Gaichka Arremon Lawrence), 1874 - comedones atlapetes.
  • Arremon aurantiirostris Lafresnaye (Aurantiirostris Arremon Lafresnaye), 1847 - Somatology of Aramone.

Some scholars include sex and other types such as Arremon kuehnerii.