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Bird Voices How the Red-throated Pipit (Anthus cervinus) sings


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  • Published: 31 May 2020 veröffentlicht
  • Arctic pipit Anthus rubescens, Godlevskiy pipit or Transbaikalian Anthus godlewskii, Menzbier pipit Anthus menzbieri, Siberian pipit Anthus gustavi, Steppe pipit Anthus richardi, Anthus richardi Nilgirian pipit Anthus nilghusuralis, Anthus nilghiriensis, Spectacled pipit Narrow-tailed pipit Anthus sylvanus. wagtail.
    Discover amazing sounds of Nature.
    What could be more beautiful than the singing of birds?
    Presentation of voices and sounds made by birds. An image of a female or a male, a photo of birds, a short description at the end of the video

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@ Sounds and voices, please make a video or create a folder about northern birds. For several years now I have seen a small bird (the size of a sparrow) in the far north. Very beautiful with a light, almost white breast, wings from blue to dark blue. With a thin, long beak. A dark tail. She is very nimble. The movements are sharp. Shy. And very beautiful.But I can't identify. I would like to know what kind of bird it is.

In what program do you make videos? Write at least the name of the program?

Womble MPEG Video Wizard DVD July 2007

Please tell me, are you planning to record Nightjar?

Guys, someone can tell me. I hear a squeak in the summer and at night. Abrupt and with a definite periodicity. All night long like this. Near the forest, I live in Sochi, but I also heard in the steppes of Stavropol

Most likely this is a fledgling of a gray owl. Or some kind of sychik. In Ochakov, too, I heard a squeak almost all summer.

I practically listened to everything, but I could not find the songstor's neighbor. Can you tell me? Dacha by the lake, an hour's drive from St. Petersburg to the north-west towards Vyborg. The bird sings bye, bye, bye. Two double short whistles, very similar to the sound of chu. Of all that I have listened to, it sounds more like an udot or an Indian cuckoo than others. But not them. Udot two then three. The cuckoo has a different accent.

find and take a picture of the bird and record the voice on a dictaphone, put it in the inaturalist application or in some profile group in VK and you will be happy

You have gorgeous presentations! Thank! Only I did not manage to identify the singing of my birdie ((

To watch online, click on the video & cudarrr,

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