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Carbonado or black diamond: what it looks like, who suits it and what properties it has


Black diamonds can be said to be exceptional stones. Moreover, this epithet was chosen not just to attract special attention to the written words, but precisely because of exceptional historical path this mineral. Black stones have received their due popularity not so long ago. For many years they were in the shadow of their colorless counterparts and few people paid attention to them.

Let's figure out today what value black diamonds are and is it really worth paying such fabulous money for them, as the modern market demands.

What is Black Diamond

In jewelry, the concept of black diamond includes three groups:

First, it is a black diamond, which is called carbonado (lat. "coal"). It is classified as a very rare find that is most often found in Brazil and South Africa. It is very difficult to work with carbonado due to the multitude of inclusions, since in terms of structure, this mineral is not a full-fledged crystal, but a collection of small stones. This type of diamond lends itself only to grinding, since it crumbles easily and crumbles right in your hands during cutting.

Secondly, pique - diamond with a single crystal structure. The color of the mineral is given by an impurity from graphite. After cutting, this gem acquires an exquisite matte sheen that cannot be confused with anything.

The third group includes synthetic stones that are so common today.

Until the middle of the twentieth century diamonds of the color of the night were not considered to be something precious in jewelry. In those days, these stones were sent to regular waste. Can you believe it? But, fortunately, in our world there are a huge number of brilliant people who look at the environment much deeper than the existing postulates of the public.

One of these people is Fawaz Gruosi, who at one time founded the jewelry house De Grisogono. One fine day, he looked at a tar-black mineral in the catalog, which he really liked. And the jeweler decided to create a unique ring for one of his outstanding clients. The result of the work turned out to be simply unsurpassed, and Fawaz Gruosi decided to buy a huge batch of these stones for a very low price for further creativity.

First products instantly sold out and gained great fame. And after the release of the second collection of jewelry with black diamonds, the price of minerals soared 20 times on the market.

What does a black diamond look like?

The structure of dark gems is saturated with inclusions of various types, therefore the stones completely opaque... Nuggets do not flaunt the shine and play of light that are usual for other valuable stones. However, the depth of color and elegant black shade fascinate the human eye, giving such jewelry a touch of mystery and mystery.

If you want to imagine the largest black diamond in the world, then look 312-carat "Spirit of de Grisogono" ... To add even more grandeur to this piece, the mineral was encrusted in a ring and decorated with a scattering of 702 colorless diamonds with a total weight of 36.69 carats.

Another striking representative of this group of stones is considered to be a handsome diamond. "Black Orlov" , which weighs something 67.5 carats. This gem was cut in the shape of a pillow and inserted into a gorgeous necklace that just looks like a king. There is a legend that this diamond was originally an adornment of some Indian god. And during the robbery of the temple, he was kidnapped and brought to the mainland. It was at this moment that the stone was allegedly cursed and began to bring misfortune to people. Although modern ladies do not complain about their jewelry.

Well, if you want to see firsthand what diamonds are, then visit diamond museum in Amsterdam... This place is worth seeing at least once in your life. Moreover, a ticket there is not so expensive, and you will gain impressions for the rest of your life. Just remember that it is better not to take money to this museum, as well, you really want to buy something for yourself there.

The magical and healing properties of black diamond

There are a lot of stories and superstitions about black diamonds. Since ancient times, people have been afraid of the magic of these jewels and attached great importance to them. It was believed that if you steal jewelry with a stone from its true owner, then the gem will begin to take revenge and the person may even die. Whether this is true or not is not for us to judge, however, in every fairy tale, as they say, there is only a fraction of the fairy tale, and the rest is true.

According to esoteric beliefs, black diamonds bring good luck and wealth to its owner. This is especially true of stones that have been inlaid in jewelry that bring good luck. For example, a four-petaled clover leaf or a horseshoe.

Black diamonds in energy are suitable active, purposeful people, to some extent with an overly persistent character and a great desire to move through life. Usually, having put on such an adornment once, a person wears it all his life, since the stone gives him strength, helps in solving many issues, tells in which direction it is necessary to develop, where it is worth striving and what to sacrifice.

For more passive people colorless stones are better suited. They help to be more agreeable, wiser, more judicious, bring peace and harmony to personal life, help to find stability at work and balance in family life.

Concerning medicinal propertiesthen diamonds of the color of the night help to cope with a large number of diseases. The stones help to overcome diseases of the heart and vascular system. They help to stabilize the pressure of their owner, help to endure sudden changes in the weather and a new environment.

In Russia it was believed that black diamonds help travelers on the road. They contribute to a good mood and excellent functioning of the whole body. If the stone is placed next to the wound, then it heals faster. Diamonds are even able to relieve inflammation in the body.

Some say stones help even to fight with bad habits, such as smoking, alcohol addiction and even drugs.

Who is suitable for the sign of the zodiac

So, as we wrote above, black diamonds are suitable for strong, active and ambitious people. These signs of the zodiac include:

  • Streltsov,
  • Vodoleev,
  • Aries,
  • Libra,
  • Scorpions,
  • Capricorns,
  • Lviv,
  • Gemini.

This is not to say that the remaining signs will not be friends with the jewel... On the contrary, they will coexist normally, but there will be no particular influence on a person.

The influence of the stone on Streltsov very noticeable, especially when a person is in love. Under the influence of a gem, this sign becomes the most affectionate, pliable, romantic. They say about such that they can be applied to the wound.

Aquarius black diamond helps in business promotion. People become more purposeful, active, aggressive, and more focused on their goal.

Aries the diamond of the color of the night makes, on the contrary, more flexible and wise. This zodiac sign is distinguished by tremendous willpower and character, but his moods are not always peaceful. The mineral helps to "calm down" Aries and tune in to a positive and productive life.

Libra the diamond makes you more open and talkative. Usually this sign is very touchy and secretive. You can rarely figure out why Libra is pouting and not talking to you. The stone helps to cope with these character traits, and it becomes a little easier to get along with Libra.

For Scorpions the stone plays the role of oil, which is added to the fire. People are becoming even more active and result-oriented. True, and more aggressive. Black diamond is great for self-development and achieving your goals.

Capricorn diamond helps with personal growth. Wearing the mineral for several months, the owner of the jewelry can significantly advance in his career and family. Relations with loved ones will improve, and he will also meet new interesting acquaintances.

Lions the diamond is needed in order to keep the head even higher. Leo will always be proud of his achievements, and with such a gift he will do everything to remain the first and only one in his environment, let it be work, sports, the role of a father or mother.

Gemini the stone will help to cope with such negative character traits as laziness and the desire to postpone everything until tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Also, a diamond will help them cope with health problems:. It will heal the heart, relieve headaches, bring a good healthy sleep and the feeling that everything in life is going the way you want.

The price of a real black diamond

Experts say that modern science knows only three hundred copies of natural black diamonds. Now you can imagine how rare these gems are. Today, their price for 1 carat reaches astronomical amounts, in other words, it is easier to send a rocket into space than to buy yourself a real diamond.

In the hands of to the ordinary earthly buyer natural black diamonds do not, of course, fall. Therefore, if some nice saleswoman in a jewelry store claims that this is a real carbonado, mined in the bowels of Brazil, these words cannot be trusted.

Let's take a look at the cost of conventional jewelry with synthetic substitutes for wonderful stones on the market today.

The cost earrings-studs in white gold with an insert of one large diamond weighing 1 carat will be about 30 ... 40 thousand rubles. But small earrings rings with a scattering of black minerals weighing 0.3 carats will cost about 20 thousand rubles. For those who like to save money, you can find small stud earrings with very small but very attractive black stones. You will need about 8 thousand rubles for such a decoration.

Large gold ringinstructed by one large dark diamond 0.861K and 43 small ones, the total weight of 3.7 grams will cost from 50 thousand rubles. And the ring is a little simpler, with 5 diamonds, it will cost 30 thousand rubles.

You can talk about this beauty for a very long time and a lot. If you are interested, then here you will find a huge assortment, which may tell you what to choose.

As you already understood, black diamonds are gemstones of magnificent beauty that came into human life not so long ago, but found their place under the sun. Today, on the public market, you can mainly find jewelry only with artificial black diamonds, but do not be discouraged: even synthetic minerals are incredibly beautiful and in their properties do not differ in any way from their natural counterparts.